At A Glance

Building Type Residential
Facing East
Nos. of Apartment 14
Apartment Sizes 1400 Sft. each (two apartments in each floor)
Parking Area Ground Floor
Building Height (G+7) = 8 Storied
Address House # 04, Road # 24, Sector # 10, Uttara, Dhaka.

Feature & Aminities

Main Apartment Features

  • Decorative Teak Main Entrance Door Shutter With:
  •    (a)  Door Chain
  •    (b)  Check Viewer
  •    (c)  Calling Bell Switch of Good Quality
  •    (d)  Solid Brass Door Knocker
  •    (e)  Apartment Number Plate
  • Floor in China Mirror Polished (24″ x 24″) Tiles.
  • Plastic Paint on all Walls and Ceilings in Soft Colors.
  • Internal Doors of strong and Durable veneer Flush door Shutters with French polish.
  • All internal Doors frames of Mehogony/Sil Korai/Teak chamble as per seasonal availability.
  • All Bedroom Door shutters with good quality Mortise Locks.
  • Sliding Windows with Tinted Glass complete with Mohair Lining and Rainwater Barrier in Aluminium Sections with Grill.
  • All Electric Wiring, Phone Lines, Gas & Water Lines etc will be concealed.
  • Concealed TV and dish Antenna Line.
  • Hand Set Intercom with connection to Guard Room.
  • MK type best quality Electrical Switches.
  • Two Light Fixtures in each apartment.
  • Electrical Distribution Box with Main Switch.
  • Five emergency lights & three fans or not over 750 Watt in each apartment from standby Generator.
  • All Power Outlets with Earthing Connection.
  • Provision for Air conditioners in Living, Master Bed & Child Bed Room.
  • Verandas with suitable Light Points.

General Amenities of the Complex

  • Heavy Secured Entrance gate with Decorative Lamps and logo with gardening of the complex.
  • Security Provision for Control of incoming and Outgoing Persons, Vehicles, Goods etc.
  • Reserved Car parking with spacious and Decorative ceramic Design paving Driveway for Residents in Covered & Protected Basement & Ground Floor.
  • Car Parking will be clearly defined and marked with individual apartment numbers to avoid any confusion.
  • Fire extinguisher in each alternative floor according to the Fire Fighting requirement.
  • European Standard Lift from reputed international Manufacturers:
  •    (a)  With Adequate Lighting
  •    (b)  Well Finished and Attractive Doors and Cabin.
  • Main Staircase with easy-to-climb steps and adequate Lighting.
  • Electricity supply approx 220V/440V from DESA /DPDC/DESCO.
  • One Stand-by Emergency Generator for operating in case of Power Failure:
  •    (a)  lift
  •    (b)  Water Pumps
  •    (c)  Lighting in Common Space & Stairs
  • Water Supply Connection from WASA with sufficient supply as per Total Calculated Consumption.
  • Underground Water Reservoir with one Water Lifting Pump.
  • Sewerage System Planned for long-term requirement.
  • Gas Pipeline Connection from TITAS Distribution System as per Total Calculated Consumption.

Bathroom Features

  • All bathrooms with PVC solid Waterproof Shutter.
  • Good quality Sanitary Fixtures & Fittings.
  • Commode will have in All Bathrooms
  • Pedestal Basin in all Bath rooms except Servant’s Toilet.
  • Good quality Glazed Tiles in Bathrooms Wall.
  • Good quality Homogeneous Floor Tiles in all Bathrooms.
  • All Mirrors in all Bathrooms with Overhead Lamps.
  • Concealed Hot and Cold water supply provision in Master Bathroom.

Kitchen Features

  • Provision for Double Burner Gas Outlet.
  • Good quality China Glazed wall Tiles up to 7(seven) feet height, except worktop slab down portion.
  • Good quality Homogeneous Tiles on Floor.
  • Stainless Steel Counter-top Sink with Mixer.
  • Concealed Hot and Cold water supply Provision.
  • Exhaust Fan provision.

Structural & General Engineering Features

  • The Foundation and superstructure design and supervision by a team of reputed and professional structural design engineers.
  • Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standard of Testing Material (ASTM) codes and BNBC.
  • Structural design will be earthquakes consideration.
  • Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation.
  • Systematic structural combination of steel reinforced concrete frame share wall core.
  • Sub-Soil investigation and soil composition comprehensively analyzed by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques.
  • Comprehensive section by section checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional design and structural engineers.
  • All structural materials including steel, cement, bricks Sylhet sand and other aggregates, etc. of the highest standard and screened for quality including laboratory testing.
  • Total foundation and superstructure design and supervision by a team of reputed and professional structural design engineers.
  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by team of experienced and qualified Civil Engineers to ensure highest quality workmanship.
  • Systematic testing of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage from quality control laboratories.
  • Protection from cyclonic winds up to 200 KPH incorporated in structure designed.
  • Structure capable of withstanding earthquake measuring upto 230 km. per hour.

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